Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pia Guerra

A while ago I posted a (frankly, inadequate) drawing I’d submitted to a site calling for designs for a hypothetical Thirteenth Doctor. You can see all the submissions here. The main reason that I actually bothered to contribute though, was this picture. 

I dislike Pia Guerra’s IDW artwork, which, in the (albeit, bits and pieces of) images I’ve seen is in a pseudo-manga, cartoony fanart style. This, however, I think is a fantastic image (and one which bears more than a passing comparison to a similar pen and ink style of the Phil Bevan image I posted at the beginning of the month). 

It’s not even so much the Doctor and companion (Sally Sparrow, I believe) – this Doctor's look and costume is almost supernaturally restrained compared to some of the submissions on the site – but I love the general attention to detail, and the rather gorgeous TARDIS design (which isn't too outré, and has clear links to the Davies-era design, making it easier to imagine being used for real). I particularly like what appear to be its glazed-tile walls and generally subterranean, Tube-station stylings. (Incidentally, the size above doesn’t really do it justice; click for full-size.) Really lovely. 

I might post some more from that thread in future, cos some of them are genuinely surprising or exciting, so keep your eyes peeled.



  1. Nice to see the late Phil Bevan mentioned - I miss seeing his art.

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting. Yeah, there does seem to be very little appreciation of DW-based art at large, but it's particularly sad that Phil Bevan doesn't get his dues. I posted one of his NA preview images here,, but there is very little discussion of his work online.

    Thanks again,