Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Roll up, roll up!

Bit shameless of me, this, but I'm having a clear out and have stuck a load of Doctor Who stuff onto Amazon Marketplace - you can check out what's for sale HERE. It's mainly VHSes, if there's anyone (else) still using them, a load of Virgin novels (including a rather smart copy of Gareth Robert's perennially-popular The Well-Mannered War), and other assorted oddments. Knock yourself out.

Also, given that I've just announced a temporary hiatus on this site, I wanted to take the opportunity to post this Phil Bevan image (which I cribbed from the 1995 annual) - having previously lamented how little of his work is online. Like most of his work, I think this is rather fab.

Anyway - one day, I shall return... Yes, one day...

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kuh, real life, eh? Always getting in the bloody way. 

Unfortunately real life is very much getting in the way at the moment, in various ways - as you might have been able to discern from the recent lack of updates. I can't really say when this lamentable state of affairs will be rectified, but I certainly intend to continue posting... at some point. Not least to have my say when Matt Smith's second season rolls round (you can check out my reviews of his first series here).

So... hiatus, then? A horribly loaded word to us ming-mongs, but there you are. Here, let me assuage you with a lovely (if somewhat irrelevant) Dave Gibbons panel.

Back soon. Bye-ee!