Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Roll up, roll up!

Bit shameless of me, this, but I'm having a clear out and have stuck a load of Doctor Who stuff onto Amazon Marketplace - you can check out what's for sale HERE. It's mainly VHSes, if there's anyone (else) still using them, a load of Virgin novels (including a rather smart copy of Gareth Robert's perennially-popular The Well-Mannered War), and other assorted oddments. Knock yourself out.

Also, given that I've just announced a temporary hiatus on this site, I wanted to take the opportunity to post this Phil Bevan image (which I cribbed from the 1995 annual) - having previously lamented how little of his work is online. Like most of his work, I think this is rather fab.

Anyway - one day, I shall return... Yes, one day...

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