Saturday, 6 November 2010

Martin Geraghty

Partly prompted by this here interview, I wanted to post an image by Martin Geraghty, because as arguably the primary DWM strip artist for fifteen years, though ever-impressive, his style is so ubiquitous as to be easily overlooked. Which is doing him something of a disservice, as the straight down the line directness of his work seems entirely appropriate to the way he’s become located as the default artist, whose work contextualises the more distinctively individual styles of less regular artists like Adrian Salmon, Rob Davis, or Roger Langridge. 

So I do mean this positively; any of those artists’ approaches are too apparent to be used continually, whereas Geraghty’s consistent quality and likenesses, and relatively realist approach ground the strip in a reliably orthodox visual language. If this doesn’t sound terribly interesting, it’s worth considering how many memorably stories and concepts he has realised, many of which might have seemed ridiculous if they hadn’t been located within his oeuvre (…if that isn’t too grand a word for a TV tie-in comics artist). 

Suffice to say, it was tough to choose an image to post from ones that include robot mummies on a Hollywood soundstage, female Sycorax in a replica Westminster Abbey on a Caribbean island, a toothbrush-wielding faux-Doctor, mutating beatniks, or a Lego castle in the sky...

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