Friday, 3 December 2010

Peter McKinstry

As a long-term concept designer on the new series, there are understandably loads of interesting images on Peter McKinstry’s website. His graphics-based illustration has become quite familiar, so it's particularly interesting seeing such a recognisable style applied to a pre-existing design. I love the Tenth Planet-style Cybermen – sort of creepy, medical zombies – and McKinstry has really tapped into this with his grotesque, almost Hellraiser-like take on the design. 

Much as I appreciate the ostensible art deco/Metropolis influence on the new series Cybermen that actually appeared in series two, in practice they’re a bit too clunky and robotic. Unused designs are always going to be fascinating, so it's unsurprising that I can't help wishing what had made it onto the screen could have been more like this. It's cool that McKinstry drew on influences from so far back, but I suppose it was always unlikely that the new series' Cybermen were ever going to depart so radically from more typical Invasion/Earthshock versions. 

Whatever. I also like the ‘Blind Fury’ book cover or poster - or whatever it is - that’s included with his series five designs. I dunno what it’s all about, but I like it. "Sleep no more, sons of Gallifrey," indeed.

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  1. I think 'The Tenth Planet' Cybermen were the best. I can't stand the New Series Cybermen. As you say, too clunky and robotic.