Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jikuu Daikettou!

Gosh, I am so behind on season six – which, I suppose, is what happens when one flounces off to Japan. In honour of which, I've wanted an excuse to post this as a stopgap for ages – an illustration from the Japanese adaptation of David Whitaker's Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks

I absolutely love alternative variations on familiar designs, and apocrypha in general, and it doesn't come much more apocryphal than this - so I absolutely love these images. Apart from anything else, it's pretty amazing how wildly these Daleks vary from the inimitable Raymond Cusick design... yet nevertheless still fit the default 'pepperpots with knobs on' description surprisingly well. (This is my fave, but it has a GD crease down the middle...)

But, yeah – head on over to the exhaustive On Target and have a butcher's – you can see the rest of The Daleks illustrations here, and there were also Japanese editions of The Auton Invasion (particularly like the freaky Nestene), The Cave-Monsters (with tyrannosaurus-style Silurians), The Doomsday Weapon, and Day of the Daleks.

But I digress. I actually wrote a full review of The Impossible Astronaut before I left, but didn't get a chance to polish or post it... and, in the meantime, my brother managed to wipe all my documents. What a massive bell-end. However, I should have a copy elsewhere... I hope... so I will get that online as soon as possible. I'm reviewing this Saturday's episode for Kasterborous, too, and it's not unlikely that that'll be posted first, so keep an eye out for that also.

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