Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dan McDaid

I haven't been following the DWM comic of late, I'm ashamed to say, so I don't know what story this is from, but... I like it. That is all. It's the TARDIS going freaky - that's cool, is it not? And at least I'll be able to catch up now the trade collections are being restarted. (HUZZAH!) But, yeah - Dan McDaid's art is a funny one. I have a lot of time for the comic, and I'm always happy when they branch out and take a punt on artists less concerned with realism than the prevailing style of, say, Martin Geraghty - having said that though, I wasn't massively enamoured when Hotel Historia came along, which just seemed a bit too scratchy and messy... But, having become more familiar through his blog with his style I'd certainly be up for the chance to get round to reading this strip. And he created Majenta Pryce. RESPECT.*



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